All That Glitters

It’s official – glitter roots are a thing. If you’ve been lusting after those sparkly mermaid locks since seeing them on Instagram the other week, then get ready – you can have unicorn hair in a flash too!

The perfect solution to adding a touch of festive sparkle / concealing overgrown roots/ distracting from greasy hair, this trend really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Wanna know how? We got in touch with LA-based glitter queen Shelley Gregory to give us her tips and tricks.


1) Get your hands on some craft glitter from a local store. I prefer to use small and large to get different sizes in the reflection of light. 

2) Mix about a tablespoon of the glitter with equal parts of clear hair gel.

3) Using some sort of flat painting brush (I use a hair colouring brush), paint the solution on starting on the parting and feather out as far as you like!

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Space buns optional, but we LOVE a 90s revival... 

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