All The Times Michelle Obama Gave Us Life

By Kammy Karginaite

Michelle and Barack Obama haven’t left the White House yet, but we already miss them. Michelle has been the most bossin' First Lady, not only for her killer style, sense of humour but her inspirational speeches too. So we've pulled together her best bits, the moments she quite frankly gave us life. 

The Carpool Karaoke 

Michelle joined James Corden's long list of famous faces in his popular 'Carpool Karaoke.' Showing she's just like us, it's 15 minutes of pure gold with a guest appearance from Missy Elliott.

Michelle Doing Push-Ups 

Michelle runs a ‘Let’s Move Campaign’ to encourage people in the USA to get up, move and live a healthier, fitter lives. She challenges Ellen to a push-up challenge and says to Ellen “I know you have those ‘back’ issues” ...mic drop.  If Michelle can do a work out at 5.30am, we can do it too!

Her Inspirational Speeches 

When Michelle Obama gives you advice, you take it girls! ‘Let Girls Learn’ is a fantastic campaign. She has really inspired a new generation of women to seek for more and to educate themselves, to be the best they can be.

When She Impersonated Barack

Michelle Obama doing an amazing Barack Obama impression. Clearly Barack doesn't like taking photographs.

Dancing With This Lady

Michelle and Obama dancing with a 106 year old lady is the best. She just knows how to make feel people comfortable and engage with them.

And Her Last Speech

We can’t bear it…Michelle’s last speech was as emotional as we thought it would be. Just watch... 

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