Anti-gravity Yoga - Say What?!

The summer of sport is well and truly under way – and any champion will tell you that every great competition starts with a warm up!

So, as a warm up exercise for our boohoo Games, we took a few of our fave blogger beauts to try Anti-Gravity Yoga.

What’s that, I hear you ask?

Anti-Gravity Yoga is a combination of yoga and other calming exercises that are performed in a hammock.

After some safety rules, they were shown by the instructor how to safely use and dismount the hammocks to avoid dizziness as they’d be hanging upside down. No need to worry though – these hammocks can hold the weight of a baby elephant! #funfact

The class started with relaxation techniques involving turning the yoga hammocks into cocoons and being gently rocked whilst deep breathing. Sounds like an absolute dream, right?

They were then shown different ways to stretch and how to work individual areas of their bodies. Hanging upside down with the material wrapped around legs and feet whilst calmly breathing helps to stretch the spine and neck muscles – so there’s a benefit to looking like a bat for a little while!

After the class, bloggers were offered healthy drinks and post workout snacks to refuel.

All in all, the session was a success, and our influencers felt worked out, yet relaxed. Who knew that a little aerial acrobatics could be so refreshing?

Stay tuned to see what challenges the rest of our bloggers tackle, and how they get on…

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