Babein' Body Confidence

Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Perrie Edwards… we’ve all seen their bikini bods and thought #BODYGOALS. But you know what’s even hotter than a summer heatwave? Loving your own body, and being proud to flaunt it in however the hell you want!

We teamed up with some blogger baes to show that confidence will never go out of style, and that the best way to get a bikini body is to put a bikini (or swimsuit!) on your body - no matter what size or shape.
There isn’t one ‘perfect’ body type and everyone is gorgeous and #GOALS in their own way.

We want everyone to feel totally amazing in their own skin, so we put some questions to some of our beaut bloggers to find out their body confidence stories, and what makes them feel this summer!

“It’s officially summer, so it’s the time of year to embrace showing a little more skin than usual. It’s important to find out what makes you confident and own it, so whether you are in a tiny bikini or fully covered swimsuit, what shines most is your presence, character and personality!”

“I remember looking back at my holiday snaps and thinking how much weight I had put on. I made the conscious decision to cut out a lot of sugar and junk food, I also quit meat. I was seeing a leaner, healthier me, and I took up yoga and pilates to regain confidence in myself, not just my body, but my mind too. I feel so confident in my body now, it’s not perfect and that’s ok. I am reminded every day that it did something amazing, and gave me my beautiful daughter.”

“Body confidence is difficult; one day you can wake up and feel a million dollars and the next day you can wake up feeling like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars. Throughout my teens I was bullied and had no self-esteem. I tried all the diets under the sun, and was the lowest I had ever been. One of the main turning points for me was the online plus size community; being among women who felt the same way, who looked like me and were living unapologetically, and who were sharing their stories. At the end of the day, life is too short to listen to what people have to say about your body. Everybody has flaws and just because some have bigger bodies, it doesn’t make us any less entitled to love and kindness, and we have the right to feel beautiful. You have to wake up each morning and tell yourself you are an amazing person, with an amazing body and that you deserve to feel confident in yourself.”

“As an online influencer I see so much thrown around on social media like diet teas, waist trainers and body contouring. In my opinion, this stuff is a sure recipe for confidence demolishment. Girls will start trying months in advance to create a ‘perfect’ body – what for? A week away with your friends?

I’m not saying fitness/exercise isn’t important, but it shouldn’t be used to force yourself into working for a body you’ve been told is ‘ideal’. What’s important are the mental health benefits and building a healthier lifestyle. I’ve always been a UK size 8, so fitness for me was never about losing weight or looking good to other people. I wanted to feel better in myself. It’s definitely helped me to find a new confidence, knowing I’m being healthier and treating my body right.”