Babein' Body Confidence

Another week, another dose of how to feel fab with your body thanks to these kick-ass bloggers. We challenge you to not feel sunny after reading these stories... 

“I remember stepping onto the beach wrapped in a tummy-control swimsuit and a cover up, glancing nervously round at the people nearby and making any excuse not to take those tentative steps down across the sand and into the water for the fear of what other people would think of me. I was so self-conscious of removing my cover up that I wore it into the sea so that I didn’t have to uncover my non-conventional “beach body” that I felt wasn’t as “ready” as the toned bodies in the media. Fast forward 7 years, and I’ve added a lot of self-love, and surrounded myself with body positive, beautiful women of all shapes and sizes who love their bodies. I won’t pack swimsuits and cover ups now – it’s all about the two pieces! Let’s be honest, if someone is spending their holiday judging you on how much your thighs jiggle, they’re quite obviously not taking full advantage of fruity flavoured cocktails, midday snacks and sunshine, right?  

The truth is that those people that you think are eyeing up your cellulite probably aren’t even looking at you and if they are, perhaps they’re wondering where you got your bikini?  When you’re second guessing yourself, it’s so easy to feel like others are too.  Confidence comes down to not caring what others think, and realising that how you feel is much more important than the opinions of others, and I for one feel like a total beach babe.” 

“I've struggled a lot with my body. Putting on weight affected me so much; I hated how I looked so much until one day I just physically felt so sick and tired of hating myself. Social media is a massive influence to why young people, not just girls, don't feel confident in the skin they're in. Hands up, I used to be one of those people that thought every photo I posted had to be “OMG YOU LOOK SO BEAUT!”, or that my make-up always had to be “SO FLEEK.” 

I feel like there's a lot of pressure on how we look, which is exaggerated by social media. There’s an idea that you’ve got to look good for the ‘likes’, and this just isn’t true! You're so beautiful with or without the likes and followers. Don't ever feel like you're worth nothing or that there's something wrong with you because of Instagram. I've learnt to love myself and accept my flaws. I was ridiculously insecure about my thick thighs, stretch marks, not-so-flat stomach and my scars. But now I've just grown to love myself. No one is perfect. There’s more to life than worrying about how I look or what other people think of MY body.”

“I’m a huge believer of to get a bikini body, you simply put a bikini on your body. No matter what size clothes you buy, or how much you weigh, if you have the flattest tummy or biggest of bums, we all have that one thing that we pick at. Even if you did work on it, that would just leave room for us to find something else about ourselves to complain about, right? From as young as I can remember, my biggest confidence issue was my tummy. I had small boobs but that never bothered me. I always embraced them. Even now, I love that I can wear no bra 80% of the time. Not having a super flat stomach was just always what I tried to fix – but I will never let a confidence issue stop me from putting a bikini on.

There are always little things you can do to help you feel better about yourself. For me, once I get into my bikini, I’ll do an 8 minute abs workout, followed by some squats. It’s all about mind over matter. I know I could just give up crisps, or chips, or Pepsi. But I don’t want to – and I shouldn’t have to give up things I enjoy to make myself feel better when I’m in swimwear. Some of my favourite things to feel more confident are to stay hydrated, keep moisturised, accessorise with whatever makes me feel good, and to tan up!"

“As cliché as it sounds, for me, body confidence comes from within. I like to do things which make me feel good about myself; work out so that I can enjoy the food I want to eat; dance, laugh, surround myself with people I love, and generally try and look after my body as best that I can. Over the last few years I have slowly come to the realisation that in order to feel good about yourself, you have to embrace your imperfections; they are what set you apart – which is a good thing!”