Bag Diving

It’s finally here; our last competition of the boohoo Games! Our bloggers are being thrown in the deep end (pun intended) with our final contest; the Bag Diving. 

Bag Diving is an ancient sport, introduced by icon Mary Poppins. As every girl knows, fitting everything you need into a handbag is a skill that takes years to master – hence why men are always asking us to please carry their car keys. (There are only two acceptable answers to this: 1. Get your own damn handbag 2. Invest in some clothing with bigger pockets.)

Whether it’s for a night out, weekend away, or full blown holiday, packing is an art form. We’re awarding points based on organisation, utilisation of space and shoulder strength.

Our first competitor is Hollie’s Closet, styling a shining silver cross body bag with an on-trend but off-the-shoulder dress. Hollie manages an impressive 8 items; phone, phone charger, purse, pen, lip-balm, foundation, sunglasses and a pair of tights. But will she be beaten?

Our next athlete is Griff Blog, pairing a pastel pink backpack with some exotic elephant print shorts. boohoo are big lovers of pink (it’s not just for Wednesdays), and Sam fits in a full make-up bag, sunglasses, dry shampoo, Vaseline, make-up remover, a magazine, phone, keys, passport and purse… an astounding total of 10 items!

Last to take on the challenge is Wanderness showcasing another backpack, this time in classic white. Vanessa attempted to fit supplies for a weekend away inside; which is no easy task! She achieved her make-up collection, nail polish, 2 hoodies, 5 books, a belt, sunglasses, 2 pairs of socks, a necklace, 3 outfits – and even gave us some #lifehacks while she was at it. (Folding your outfits into sandwich bags before packing is a lifesaver!)

So… what was her grand total? Vanessa accomplished…. Wait for it…. 17 things!

No prizes for guessing who takes home the trophy here!