Bank Holiday: Expectation Vs Reality

Ah Bank Holiday weekend we meet again and with you comes a whole lot of planning that doesn't always follow through. So we're taking a few minutes to LOL at all of the times our Bank Hol struggles were most definitely real... 

The Weather

Expectation: Scorching sun, a sunkissed glow on your return to work/uni

Reality: Rain, rain and more rain 

The Food

Expectation: Endless BBQs with friends and family, snacks in the park

Reality: Whatever frozen food you've got lying around the house. Possibly a last minute Dominos

The Days Out

Expectation: Road trips, lounging on the nearest beach to your house

Reality: Popping to the shops because you wake up too late to go anywhere

The Nights Out

Expectation: Sophisticated pre-drinks at you BFF's before a night to remember 

Reality: Sambuca shots at happy hour and falling asleep with a garlic bread and cheese pre 1am


By The End Of It You'll Be

Expectation: So zen and rested from all of the sleep you've got

Reality: Probably hungover, exhausted and wondering where those last three days have gone

GIF Source: Giphy