BB best bits

Yaaas, Big Brother is back on our screens! Whether you spend every morning dissecting what happened last night with your work BFFs, or keep claiming that you don't watch it (yet you know everything about what's-his-face from Essex), we can't wait to lose too many hours watching people do 'normal' things. 

To kick off the next three months of ridiculous tasks, love triangles, tantrums and diary room meltdowns, remind yourself of the best bits from the past 16 years.

WHO IS SHE???? - Nikki Grahame, Big Brother 7

To this day, we meme this moment. Her tantrums were unforgettable, she can't drink bottled water and she even made it onto Big Brother Canada, Nikki Grahame, we salute you! 

"Do you know the moon is apparently bigger than the universe" - Brian Belo, Big Brother 8

When Brian Belo entered the house, he became the nation's sweetheart. He's no Steven Hawkins, but we love him for his big heart, endearing personality and one liners.

Get me out of here - Nadia Almada, Big Brother 5

One word of advice - don't leave Nadia without her cigs. The BB5 winner's legendary strops won her a place in our hearts, and made us feel better about what we do when we're hangry...  

'Posh' aruges over a piece of toast - Chanelle Hayes, Big Brother 8

Chanelle was famous for a few things back in '07; being Cheshire's answer to Victoria Beckham, her on/off love affair with long-haired Ziggy and falling out with her housemates over just about everything. Breakfast, anyone?

Advice for down days - Josie Gibson, Big Brother 11

"You know whenever I feel a bit low, I always think about that woman who got her face ripped off by a chimpanzee" - solid advice there, Jode.