Beat The January Blues #1

Top 5: Funniest of Youtube

1. Driving with Lizzza

I don't even know how to describe this... A slightly crazy girl talking to herself in the car, bit of a sing along and some insane facial expressions. Maybe just watch it?

2. Adele as... ADELE!

If you haven't seen Adele impersonating herself yet WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? Definitely worth another watch though...

3. Drunk Girls Get Surprised With Puppies

So the Buzzfeed team decided to get a few of their colleagues drunk and then give them puppies and just see what happened!?

4. Lip Sync Battle | Channing Tatum & Beyoncé

Queen B joins Channing Tatum on stage in this hilarious lip sync battle and he really gives her a run for her money! Funniest thing we've seen in a while... prepare yourself!

5. Twin Babies Talking To Each Other

Let's finish with a 2011 classic! One of these babies is clearly a comedian... shame we can't understand what they're saying.