Beat The January Blues #4

Top 5: Couple YouTube Videos

Jim Chapman & Tanya Burr | Doing Tanya's Make-Up!

So you're probably expecting some sort of clown looking finish, but he's surprisingly good... honestly!

Marcus Butler & Niomi Smart | Truth Or Dare

These two are just so cute!

PewDiePie & Marzia | The Sumo Challenge

There's no way to describe this video other than... bizarre! But with over 6 million views it's surely worth a watch?

Zoella & Alfie Deyes | How Well Do We Know Eachother?

To be honest, if you've watched any couple videos, this was probably one of them. Who doesn't love Alfie and Zoe?

ThatcherJoe & Oli White | Couples Yoga Fail

Zoe's little brother Joe decided he didn't need a S.O. to take on a couples challenge and he was right... this is hilarious!