Beats | Major Lazer

If you manage to bag the title 'Most-Streamed Song Of All Time' from the world's biggest music streaming service (yeah, that one called Spotify), there's just a bit of pressure to live up to expectations.

Post Lean On, electronic music collective Major Lazer have managed to have a few 'hits' - and by hits we mean averaging over 20 million views on YouTube, smashing the charts and working with the likes of Fuse ODG, Ellie Goulding, Wild Belle and Ty Dolla $ign.

Then drops Cold Water. Written with Ed Sheeran, released with Danish singer-songwriter MØ from Lean On and 'spontaneously' featuring Justin Bieber, "no-one thought it would work", but it did.

For all you non-Beliebers (like me), it's time to listen up; you'll be hearing this track on every radio station, in every bar, shop and club for the rest of summer. And I kinda like it.

At this moment in time, in under 24 hours, it's clocked up just short of half a million YouTube views. You've gotta hear it to belieb it.