Bizarre Beauty Trends That Are Gonna Be Huge In 2017

by Kammy Karginaite

From anti-pollution products, organic beauty and skin technology, it’s fair to say the beauty industry is all about innovation. So what better way to celebrate all things face and body than with the (slightly strange!) beauty trends that are gonna be huge in 2017.

A Sheet For Every Spot

Credit: Instagram

Sheet masks were massive in 2016. You can get them for your face, hands, feet and even your décolletage. This year, we reckon things will get a bit more interesting with butt and boob sheet masks. You heard it here first.

Natural Lip Plumping

Image credit: Unsplash

Step away from the collagen. We’re talking about coating your lips in a concoction of wasabi paste, black pepper oil and cayenne which dermatologist, Joshua Zeichner believes to be fairly safe, if done in moderation. “Using a little on the lip will definitely result in temporary swelling and plumping. Just be careful not to overdo it.” In other words, not one to try if you’ve got sensitive skin.

Superfood Skincare

Image credit: Unsplash

It was only a matter of time before the beauty industry aligned our bathroom cabinets to our kitchen cupboards. New superfood skincare will contain ingredients such as algae, moringa, and kale.

Face Brushing

Image credit: Unsplash

Dry body brushing has been well known as the champion of exfoliating the skin, boosting circulation and reducing the appearance of cellulite. In Asia, a similar technique is used to improve the tone and texture of your face. Beauty experts predict that this is going to be a huge 2017 tread, as it gives you a fresh-faced glow that we haven’t been able to achieve before.