Bloggers in boohoo: Lorna Luxe

Blogger babe Lorna Luxe tells us all about her recent escape to Barcelona, , getting married in New York (jel) and general summer vibes. Oh and did we mention the graphic tee and cute embroidered skirt she's wearing in her travel snaps are from boohoo? 

About your trip

Where did you go? 

I went to Barcelona – a first for me.

Who did you go with? 

I was there with bae (he takes my pics) and we were hosted by 080 Barcelona. I was there reppin the Brits at Barcelona Fashion Week as one of their VVIP's – we were spoiled rotten.

What was your favourite part of the trip? 

Honestly? The sunshine, can't describe the feeling of leaving a rainy London Gatwick and leaping off the airplane to the dry Spanish heat!

Your favourite trip memory?

 I was the only blogger on the trip – like as a blogger, you never really switch off when you're away. And my way of sharing the week compared to the magazine editor's was completely different. When they were lapping up mojitos after the shows and enjoying being off-duty, I was busy taking selfies/Snapchatting/legitimately thrusting cocktails in the air for the 'gram. 

If you could go on a trip with one person in the world who would it be? 

My man is my dream companion. He's my best mate and he laughs at my bad jokes – because legit I am the funniest person in the world it's just no one other than me can see it.

Dream holiday destination? 

New York. I got married there, it was the first place I flew to when I got my first job as an air hostess for Virgin, plus it's always held a special place in my heart thanks to Carrie Bradshaw.

Describe your trip in three emojis... 

Airplane. Palm tree. Cocktail. Sorry... can I add a sun too?

Your trip style

Tell us about your boohoo looks

I love the versatile, so the easy roll, the non-iron, the classic basics especially for hot trips. My Barcelona wardrobe revolved around jean shorts, tees and minis which I amped up with designer classics. I'm crazy about denim so pretty much 90% of my wardrobe incorporates this.

Top tips for packing? 

Roll don't fold – the first lesson of an air hostess.

What product couldn’t you live without? 

I haven't left the house without some layer of self-tan since college. Summer is where I invest in the best products tbh – that's when I indulge in leg contours and highlighters – but my fave self-tan this season is Sienna X (the dark glowing).

What was your trip style?

Casual, dare I say rock-chic with the vintage tees and ripped denim – I also embraced my inner 90s with plaid shirts and renegade platform sneakers.

Key/staple boohoo product on your trip? 

Gladiator sandals – super comfy, light for packing, look great day or night.


What’s your favourite thing to do over summer? 

Pretty much anything outside – I think growing up in the North of England (I'm from Manchester originally) I really loved summers as a kid playing outside til dark. To be honest, growing up (apart from the knock-on-door-run games) I still really enjoy that. This summer home or away the minute there's a gap in the cloud I'm outside with my sleeves rolled up.

Beach bag essentials? 

Sun cream – I'm fair so factor 50 all the way (I look for a clear aerosol) and a head scarf to protect my scalp.

Describe your perfect summer's day...

A whole day sun-worshiping on the beach, ideally with lots of friends, then watching the sun go down together. Basically Dawson's Creek vibes.

Tell us about your summer style... 

Basic tees and distressed denims with really cool accessories and an ice-cold glass of rosé

Sunglasses or hats? Bikinis, tankinis or one pieces? 

Sunglasses (lots of), hats (fedora) & enough bikinis and tankinis to cover a football pitch

Describe your summer in three emojis

 Monkey hides eyes, sunshine, monkey hides mouth.

Summer trends your most excited about?

 Gingham – this is trending on tumblr and will no doubt be a big hit through to winter INVEST INVEST INVEST!!!!

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