boohoo HQ's Animal Fam

Ah World Animal Day - one we can definitely relate to here at HQ, being BIG animal lovers. Today is all about them, so meet the boohoo extended fam, our BFFs outside of the 9-5

Meet Millie

We can't get enough of Holly's Persian cat Millie. The cutest eyes, THAT kitten picture and how she got into a lantern like that? Skills

Meet Ernest

I mean just look at him. Silky shiny and only 5 years old - Jen's pug doesn't look a day over one. What are his secrets? 

Meet YoYo

We can't handle the cuteness of Graham and Katie's Scottish Fold legendary cat, YoYo. A picture says a thousand words so we've given you two. Look at that pose. Just how? 

Meet Hugo

Another beauty - meet Hugo - the high flying, city centre living Persian with an apartment view to rival most. Anyone just wanna scream "HE'S SO FLUFFY!" 

Meet Ziggy

We're a little bit in love with Sally's French Bulldog Ziggy who's an Insta legend and featured in many a photoshoot. All in a day's work hey Ziggy! Follow him (@ziggyfrench)

Meet Vito

He's got his own Insta (@vitothefrenchbulldog) if you fancy a follow and is the most sassy French Bulldog around. Just look at that pose. He's got a better Insta selfie than me... 

Meet Hugo & Ripley

What's better than one cat? Two cats of course! And Tom's two are a pretty purrfect pair. Striking eyes and glossy coats = ultimate squad goals 

Meet Lily

We guarantee you'll fall in love with the lovely Lily. Emily's Weimaraner has melted our hearts at boohoo HQ - so much so, we'd like an office dog stat!