Boyfriend or Puppy?

If you watched Crufts last night we already know your answer. Those adorable finalists either had you cuddling your own puppy or deeply wishing you had one. So is the search for the one about finding the perfect man or about finding the perfect puppy?

We’re leaning towards the latter and here’s why…

'The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog' -Mark Twain

True Love: whether you've been gone 2 days or 2 minutes your pup is always waiting by the door keen for you to come home. Dancing with excitement and doing that funny little bum wiggle when they can't wag their tail fast enough - you won't get that from a guy

Romantic walks: always having a companion that will never say no to a walk. They give you the motivation to exercise and look after yourself...

Roadtrips: the only thing that might rival a walk is a drive, with head out the window, obvs. Long trips on the road will totally fly with your furry friend.

Selfies: your perfect selfie partner in crime, you can wear matching outfits and take as many pictures as you like - dogs are far more photogenic than boyfriends.

1. @hannahdaniiels showing spaniels take the best selfies 2. @makingmemories_bymo

No judgement: they'll eat anything you make, don't care what you're wearing or if you've put make-up on today, they love you no matter what - no wrong responses to how do I look? 

Comedy Gold: they never stop providing us with ultimate LOLs. Tumbling down the stairs at the sound of 'walkies', farting themselves awake we could watch them all day!

Best Cuddles: Forget spooning with your fella there are no better cuddles than the ones from your dog