Busted's Best Lyrics

In case you didn't know, Busted have just announced their #NightDriver tour (with Charlie *swoon*) and we're not-so-secretly buzzin' about it.  

Naturally, we thought we'd relive our youth and reflect on some of their finest lyrics from their career...

1. "Can't tell my friends cos they will laugh / I love a member of staff" 

The Busted classic, What I Go To School For teaching us the how not to win over women's hearts . 

2. "Triple breasted women swim around town totally naked"

Year 3000 showing us that boys will always be boys - no matter what year we're in. 

3. "Throwing peanuts down the aisle / Stupid but it made you smile" 

Let's hope the Air Hostess didn't have a nut allergy.

4. He’s always hated me / Coz I never got, a j-o-b..."

Anyone else think sounded like he sang 'G-O-B' in Crashed The Wedding? 

5. "You left your phone so I invaded"

Yep, phone snooping happened even in the days of Who's David. 

6. "My bed is wet, don't know how"

Falling For You giving us TMI.