CBB 17: Best Bits

This season's Celebrity Big Brother has to be the most talked about in years! Why? well there was the scandalous onscreen romance between Steph and Jez, Megan's extreme strops and then there's the talk of Gemma Collins coming out of the house as Kim K's new BFF!

The dramatic series finishes tonight, how will we fill our time now? No, srsly, HOW? To ease the sadness here's our top 5 fave moments  (of course Megan takes up two)...

Gemma you can't have your cake AND eat it

I just wanna drown myself in you and your fabuloussness. 

"Anything I earn, I spend on my own clothes" Yep, Megan, we hear ya

When all Megan wanted was a piece of toast

Last but definitely not least, when David was just trying to take a nap and was accused of dying