Celeb Feuds We Can't Get Enough Of

If, like us, the whole Selena/Justin/Lionel Richie’s daughter fallout has you reaching for the popcorn, we thought we’d take you on a trip down celeb feud memory lane for some of our favourite cat fights…saucer of milk, anyone?

Selena Gomez vs. Justin Bieber 
Selena threw shade at Justin, Justin threw shade at Selena. Justin then brought Zayn into it. Cue the claws…

Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift
Never one to shy away from a good old social media feud, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj went head-to-head over the VMA nominations.

Rob Kardashian vs. Rita Ora 
Who could forget the (kind of) name and shame of Rob Kardashian and his (not-so) GF Rita Ora. Ouch. 

Khloe Kardashian vs. Chloe Moretz
Following the whole Taylor/ Kim K/ Kanye drama, Chloe M took to Twitter to vent, to which Khloe K replied with a less-than-PG photo of Chloe M. Bummer…

Calvin Harris vs. Zayn Malik
 The source of this feud was, yep, you guessed it, Taylor Swift. Zayn retweeted something about Calvin’s then GF. Calvin went on a full-on Twitter tirade. The world loved it.

We say keep it coming guys!

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Image Sources: Instagram,  Twitter