Celebs Who Are Single & Killin' It

by Zhenya Nikolova

It’s that time of the year again - the time all the singles, DREAD! And can you blame them? Special Valentine’s Day menus in each restaurant, roses and chocolates in every store, even fashion evolves into a uniform of red, black and all things lace. But don’t you worry, girl. These are some of the hottest single celebrities and they are killing it right now. So think twice! You don't need a man to BOSS IT.


RiRi needs no introduction. SHE IS EVERYTHING! She’s proved it many times. Bad relationships, sassy songs, attitude of an absolute QEEEN - this ultimate power girl is always on top of her game.

Britney Spears

This girl deserves so much appreciation. From her rough patches to her ex boyfriends’ dramz, Britney’s taught us that you can get through everything ALONE. After all, it’s Britney Bit*HHH

Emma Watson 

Every guy wants to date her and every girl wants to be her! She’s got the looks and she’s got the brains too. GIRL CRUSH FOREVER.

Jesy Nelson 

Recently splitting from a long-term relationship, the Little Mix member is now embracing single life. Young, beautiful and talented, we are welcoming Jesy to the strong and independent women squad.

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