#CoupleGoals Zayn & Gigi's Vogue Shoot

Just when you thought they couldn't be more flawless, they go ahead and do a bloody Vogue shoot together. Officially landing on stands in May, the two were captured looking outrageously cute together in Naples by Mario Testino.

Seriously... how does someone look that good doing a hand stand? Girl looks like she's literally fell from the heavens. If it was us, we would 100% be a deep shade of purple and sweating like no man's business; partly due to  our lack of physical activity (ain't nobody got time for that), combined with the fact Zayn is below us looking like a total dream.

So let's say they eventually, one day, have tiny adorable babies. The family album is gonna be RIDIC if this is anything to judge by... 

Image source: http://www.vogue.com/slideshow/13422014/gigi-hadid-zayn-malik-italy-vacation/