Crushin' On Scotty T

If you don't know we bagged Geordie Shore's Scotty T as the face of our brand new boohooMAN site by now... where have you been!? We've been lucky enough to be graced with his gorgeous presence and it's only confirmed the reasons we think he's an absolute babe!

Not feeling it? you soon will be...

His boyish charm

Who else can get away with pulling two girls in front of each other at. the. same. time?

His witty one-liners

Even walking through the boohoo offices... "F*ckin' 'ell, more girls!?" is a personal fave!

His accent

Because who doesn't love a Geordie?

Such a joker!

Pretending he was leaving Geordie Shore as an April Fools' joke was pretty funny (once we'd stopped having heart palpitations).

His bod

We can go with god-like... why not?

He's down to earth

Big Brother showed us that despite the impression he gives on Geordie Shore, he isn’t really about the drama. 

But not afraid to stand up for himself

Y'know... when it's necessary!

He's actually really humble!

In his interview for boohooMAN he says that he doesn’t usually think he looks that great but he really likes the boohoo images and it’s given him loads of confidence - what a cutie!

Check him out on the new boohooMAN site >