Do your bit in a Christmas Knit...

Friday 18th December is officially Text Santa Christmas Jumper Day - Hurrah! Getting involved is easy AF just text your support and, if you hadn't guessed, wear a novelty knit.

 Head to the official Save the Children page to find out more

Because we love 'ugly sweaters' a little too much,  we challenged boohoo babes Harry and Zane to see how many they could pile on in a minute. It's boys vs girls, see who wins...

Check back later for our official jumper day vid!

Don't have a Christmas Jumper yet? 

Need to spruce up your festive style? Jump on it and DIY your Christmas Jumper for a look that no-one else will have as inspired by our step by step guide with the lovely Lyzi from Being Little

 "Yay for Christmas jumpers! Whether you're a fan of simple designs like me, or more intricate and wild designs, the first thing you have to do is plan what you're going to do. You don't want to get halfway through sewing or sticking and realise that it's not going to work! To make it easier to remember where each thing goes you can mark your jumper with chalk."

"I chose a simple champagne bottle design, using a sparkly green pipe cleaner as the outline of the bottle, and a cut up gold one for the cork and champagne spray, with small white pom poms!"

"Sewing your design on ensures that it stays put, although it does take a little more time & patience than sticking! Carefully stitch around each piece until you've got a design you're happy with."

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