Don't Miss A Trick

Whether you’re a whiz in the kitchen or know your beauty stuff we can guarantee you’re missing a trick somewhere (don’t argue yet). Just take a look at these simple life hacks that can make 2016 that tiny bit easier than 2015.


The Smelly Fridge 

Sometimes no matter how much you clean it your fridge just smells (cauliflower is THE WORST). Instead of putting in the elbow grease, put a cup of ground coffee in the fridge for a few hours - it will soak up the smells and leave your fridge smelling as fresh as a daisy!

The Unripe Avocado

Finding a ripe avocado at a supermarket can be a bit hit and miss, what if it's only just beginning to ripen and you need to use it the next day? It turns out bananas produce a chemical that promotes ripening so pop one in a bag with your avocado and in 24 hours it will be totally ripe and ready.



The Wet Phone 

Who hasn’t dropped their phone in the toilet/ bath/ a puddle at some point in their lives? The panic when it won’t turn back on and the race to get it in a bag of rice… which has honestly never worked for me. Instead of rice, pop your phone in the airing cupboard with a couple of packets of Silica (which you will now start saving from every new bag you buy, yes?). Supposedly, these are 10 times more absorbent than rice – winning! 

The Buffering Netflix 

How can you be expected to follow the Pretty little Liars plot if you’re having to wait between pieces of information… it’s a serious puzzle that needs solving and we just don’t have time for this! Put an end to buffering by holding Shift+Alt (Shift+Opt for Mac) and left click to open up a “hidden” menu with buffering fixes and other streaming options. 



The Green Finger Rings

You know the ones, those high street rings that looks they’ll be fine, until you take them off and realise your finger has been turned a horrible shade of green! Get ahead of the game and paint the inside with a layer of clear nail varnish before you wear them. Bargain jewellery all the way!

The Patchy Tan

For pale girls like me, fake tan is an absolute lifesaver! But what about when it starts to fade and you just want your milky complexion back? Instead of turning to yet more chemicals (your skin won't thank you), try this home method with things you can find in your kitchen. Using either raw sugar and lemon juice (240g sugar, 180g lemon) or bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice (120g of each), mix together and rub over your skin. Let it sit for a few minutes and then wash it off... et voila!


The Caught Zip  

It’s Saturday night, you’re zipping yourself into your new dress and… its stuck. There’s no zipping up, no unzipping and you are now half in the dress with a bit of fabric clearly caught somewhere. Enter: the pencil. (Literally just a hb writing pencil, honestly). Colour up and down the zip and it should slide straight down. Simple.  

The Hand Wash Only  Clothes  

For this, all you need is a pillowcase. Put in your delicates, lace and underwired bras, tie the top of the case and put in the washing machine on a cool wash. Who has time to hand wash anyway?