Dress Up Dressage

This time we’re going glam from head-to-toe in Dress Up Dressage. Dressage is all about appearances, attention to detail, and some serious grooming skills. From French braids to fishtail, updos to undone curls, we’re looking for 

Our bloggers had to put together a look that was slick, sleek and stunning; with a focus on hair accessories and how they can be the perfect finish to an out-out outfit. Less equestrian, more elegance.
So, how did our athletes style their glossy manes?

First up is Daniella from Lella Victoria, putting on a beautiful display with a metallic hair chain and plunge maxi dress. The combination of summer waves and floaty florals is fit for a champion – making UK fashion bloggers proud!

Next up is Vanessa from Not For Ordinary, also from the UK, and this is definitely no ordinary hairstyle! Bringing in the braids, Vanessa combines intricacy and flair with her double plaits topped off with a golden crown; but is it enough to take the golden medal?

It’s a close call, as both bloggers have styled some eye-catching dresses with poise, polish and princess hair; and their use of hair accessories is second to none. Could this be our very first dead heat?

One thing’s certain – the UK are killing it in the sophisticated style stakes!