Drink of the Week

The Apprentice Manhattan

With Rory Bourke at Science & Industry

This summer we're seeking out city hot spots and local heroes for some inspo on how to spend those sweet last days of summer. This week's place to be can only be found in our hometown of Manchester, (literally) hidden in the heart of the Northern Quarter. Science and Industry is the secret first floor bar tucked away in busy night spot Cane and Grain. With a lab approach to mixing the most decadent cocktails in the north and some very 'Gramable copper surfaces and antique glassware it's everything we need for a damn fine Sunday evening. Did someone say nightcap?

I spoke to S&I's Head Bartender Rory Bourke who made me the Apprentice Manhattan, with it's aroma spritzed glass, deep sexy taste and chocolate cherry dipped finish, it SO deserves Drink of the Week status...

The drink

Woodford Reserve. Mancino Rosso Vermouth. Cherry Brandy.
Burnt Light Brown Sugar With Jerry Thomas Bitters.
Aromatic bitters and sugar fast infused with fire.

Your apprentice Manhattan is our drink of the week, any tips on how to make it? 

The trick with the Apprentice Manhattan is timing. You want to burn the sugar and rum long enough that it burns off the alcohol and just leaves a bitter sweet sticky syrup but at the same time you don't want the flames to go out. That's what really makes the difference. Burn it too long and the drink tastes burnt and if you don't burn it long enough the drink tastes overly boozy, it's really unpleasant. 

What's your signature drink? 

My signature drink. Really I have two. A classic daiquiri and a Sazerac. Both drinks have only a few ingredients so they seem deceivingly easy, however to perfect them is a real art. One that I think I've finally got!

 A lot of Heston Blumenthal sh*t goes on at S&I, tell us about some of the weird and wonderful techniques and ingredients you use...

We're lucky enough to have owners that really trust us and are passionate about what we do. So we are gifted with a whole room dedicated to making our ingredients. We have over a hundred botanicals, dehydrators, vacuum sealers and SousVide water baths, as well as liquid dipped CO2 canisters for making dry ice, a Rotavapour for distilling our home made liquors, and not to forget liquid nitrogen enabling us to freeze everything!! We can take a Cocktail and turn it into an ice-cream without removing the alcohol. You can literally get a two scoop cone of Negroni ice-cream :) every big kids dream.  

What's the best part of your job? 

The best part of my job is seeing it all pay off. You can spend months writing and perfecting a drinks recipe and serve, then spend a further month tweaking the techniques used in the lab to make the ingredients and spend countless hours searching for the perfect glass that doesn't look like one every other bar has on their shelves. Then, you finally make it for a customer and you see what I call "the Disney effect" the look of amazement and wonder on their face when they see, smell, touch and taste the finished cocktail in front of them, it's like a kid that's just arrived at Disney World. To them what you've done is magic. That's the best part of my job. 

Thanks Rory x