Easier than Glasto

Another year, another overworked F5 key. The first wave of Glastonbury re-sale tickets sold out in minutes yet again, as thousands of people refreshed their browsers with the hope of securing a ticket (and coach journey) to the UK’s most famous festival.

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on some Glasto gold, props to you! But if not, give yourself a pat on the back for trying, be ready to do it all again 9 a.m Sunday and remember, there's a few things easier than getting one that you could try instead... 

Winning £20 on a scratchcard

OK, so we don’t have the exact odds on this one. But more of us have won on a scratchy from the corner shop than got through that ticket line.

Running 10k

We’re not even kidding. Preparing for a race takes dedication and resilience (much like that hour of your life watching the wheel spin round, and round, and round). Unfortunately, Glasto tickets are less about persistence and more about luck.

Marrying your next Tinder date

There’s a pretty strong chance that if you’ve not met your significant other yet, then you’ll meet them online. We’ve heard our fair share of Tinder successes and a few weddings to boot. Get swiping right gals! 

Having even brows

The daily struggle is so real. It's (kinda) OK to stalk that girl whose eyebrows are always on fleek, find out which salon they go to and spend a good day's wage on HD brows that could rival Kim K's.

Getting over 50 likes on Instagram

With said brows your next selfie is bound to get up a few extra <3s.

Going viral

If a normal guy can rack up millions of followers by playing the recorder through his nose and impersonating his girlfriend (Cian Twomey, we heart you), then surely we can find a way?

And if you didn't get a Glasto ticket, chill! Here's the other UK festivals you should be hitting up instead >