Easy Being Green

If there's one thing that connects all of us, it's the thing beneath our feet. Today marks the 46th celebration of Earth Day - a movement that aims to raise awareness of enviromental issues and inspire change for the good of the planet. 

If you think it's all barefoot, sustainable living, yoghurt weaving hippie sh!t, think again... I mean, Leo dedicated his Oscars speech to climate change, so it's a pretty big deal.  

We're making it easier for you to say thanks to Mother Nature... 

Totes easy

No-one wants their melons rolling halfway down the street when the bag breaks, so take a tote with you when you next go shopping to cut down on unecessary waste and save 5p each time.


The meat-free Monday movement is growing as more people adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle (even if it's only one day a week). It takes almost 100 times more water to produce a pound of meat compared to a pound of wheat. And that colourful dish looks great on Insta too.

Laters paper

Everything is online nowadays... bills, gig tickets, magazines. Switching to paperless is literally the easiest way to make a change (you'll end up chucking it away anyway).

On yer bike

If this week is anything to go by, it's time to get outside. If you can, then cycle to work or walk back from the shops (those Ubers add up...) Save money, save the planet and get your dose of Vit D.

Think before you throw

Recycling might seem like a bit of a pain in the a$$, but spending that extra few seconds putting the right rubbish in the right bin can make all the difference. Plus, you'll actually end up having less traditional waste to take out (and less bin juice).

Turn it off

The sound of running water is one of nature's most beautiful sounds, however if that water is just running from your tap down the drain, it's kinda pointless. Turn off the tap when you're cleaning your teeth, switch the TV off at the wall before you go to bed... it's the little things that add up.