The countdown to the boohoo Christmas do is on, as we get closer to the big night the chat escalates; there is only one topic of conversation – party prep, and believe me it’s something we take seriously. Nail appointments, spray tans, hair trials – some have even prepared moodboards to ease stress on the big day!  

Aside from my signature eye flick and long talons I have never been able to commit to a full beauty routine, I’m not above it, I’m just not good at it and I am perpetually broke (I blame my cappuccino addiction) so I don’t like to splurge on treatments.

While I try to remain casual about my appearance on the night (I will undoubtedly end up with a grazed knee, broken heel and missing earring anyway) I cannot ignore my rising panic. So my horror at discovering a particularly stubborn blackhead this week was embarrassingly real.

With the Christmas budget in mind, I took to the internet to find a home remedy for my badly behaved skin. Promising to clear my blackheads and leave me glowing, I decided to try the egg white mask.

What you need

The white of one egg
A brush or applicator 
(A face)

 The Method

It’s pretty simple…

You start by washing your face with warm water and drying off with a clean towel. Then comes the egg, I used a pastry brush to apply a thin layer of white all over my face. It was a bit gross/disturbing, especially when a glob dripped from my nose; it smelt a bit grim too.

Next, tore pieces of loo roll (I like to think the rough texture of my pre-payday economy roll added extra exfoliating value) and pressed onto the solution. I left the layer to dry; according to the internet this is very important, before repeating the process again – three times.

Drying took a while, I am impatient so I did attempt to speed up the process with a hair dryer but stopped after a ‘what if the egg cooks’ panic. It is however truly satisfying when the mask dries and your face is all tight and mummified.

Leave on for as long as you can handle, in my case about ten minutes or approximately 2 Instagram posts and the viewing of 3 YouTube vids. When ready simply peel off, I can only assume I did it right as I was left with a full cast of my face.

The results

Ok, so it’s not a miracle worker, BUT… my blackhead had gone and there was quite a bit of dirt on the inside of the mask – truly gross. My face also felt a bit tighter and brighter so I’d say it’s worth the eggy smell and questionable consistency.