Ella Masters

Always been interested in the art of illustrating? Us too! We caught up with the uber talented Ella Masters to find out her top tips and tricks to nailing that perfect drawing and just how she got into the bizz... 

What’s your fave thing to sketch?

It would probably have to be new tattoo designs, any excuse to doodle pretty flowers and hearts. 

When you’re not drawing, what will we find you doing?

You'll likely find me enjoying a good cup of coffee with friends, snapping photos for my blog. To be honest a lot of my time I'm drawing, if not for work, I just love drawing! Also I'm a big reader so you'll probably find me in a little coffee shop reading.

Where in the world inspires you the most?

I love visiting galleries in London, me and my late mother would spend our days off together in art galleries enjoy everything creative. I find the seaside very inspiring. I use to live by the sea whilst studying at uni so it always draws me back and calms me when I'm lacking inspiration.

Apart from art, what is your fave thing to blog about?

I really love blogging about lifestyle and my days out in London, especially hanging out with mates in East London. I adore blogging about hidden, inspiring places. I'm hoping to get more into travel after recent press trips to Paris, hunting out exotic places would be fab!

Did you always see yourself being an illustrator?

I always wanted to be an artist ever since I was tiny, growing up i didn't realise you could get paid to illustrate so it was always a dream, very far removed from my family background I must admit. So the dream was there, I just had to get the combination of hard work and timing right.

What’s the most rewarding thing about your job?

Probably getting to create work for clients - that's always really rewarding. I get a lot of wedding based work so that's always nice to add something nice to someone's special day. Being able to reach out to people who are unaware of how to get into illustrating, showing them it is possible can be really rewarding.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

Gosh there are so many haha, the freelance life is filled with challenges, a lot have mine have been based around having my work copied by other companies, small brands and other people was a challenge to deal with. Finding my feet as a freelancer as no one around me had ever been in the same situation as me, at the time I didn't have any other friends that were fully freelance illustrators so I learned everything as I went.

What would you say to your younger self now?

Ooh that's a good question! I would probably tell my younger self to save more and drink less coffees! haha. Freelance work is rather erratic so having a safety net to fall back on is always good, but never one to do it the normal way ha! Have more faith in my own skills. Don't waste your time on silly boys and spend that time on yourself and your work. I should have listened to my mother more when it came to my abilities - she was always right!

What did you study (if you did)?
I did a foundation degree and a BA Hons degree.

What course did you do?
I studied at Camberwell on a foundation course and then I went on to do fine art at Falmouth University in Cornwall.

How you got into your profession?

I got into my profession randomly. It started with my blog ellamasters.co.uk, just posting drawings behind the scenes of my work back in 2008 and it went from there. Not many people were doing it around that time and I opened an online shop ellamastersstudio.bigcartel.com which is really popular, and I got into doing the art fairs like Renegade and BUST and from there i picked up more clients. Through blogging/Instagram I met some really fab people and I got a lot of my work with the likes of Tatty Devine, Anthropologie, Cath Kidston, Vivienne West etc through being known as a blogger who illustrates. So probably not the normal path.

Your top tips on how to get into illustration?

Always be prepared to work hard, you will have to do a lot of work behind the scenes. Be kind to yourself, you'll probably get a lot of rejections so have faith in yourself and believe in your abilities.
I always tell people to get into blogging and Instagram and use them to boost your creativity so clients can see your style and work - it's free so everyone should!