Family Christmas Survival Guide

If like us you’re taking an immense country tour this Christmas to visit the family you managed to avoid all year, here are a few tips to get you through…

First things first, whether you’re road tripping with family or trekking it by train, don’t forget to update your playlist and pack your headphones to drown out your siblings moaning ‘are we there yet?!’ your Dad’s BAD choice of radio station or other commuters reeling off awkward Christmas stories! Let’s be honest, you’ll probably need them when you arrive, we all love granddad but we have been listening to that same story since 2005!

Pre-packing your case, plan ahead with the entertainment and get your festive films and movie marathons ready for when the conversation runs dry, they’re as much a part of Christmas day as the Turkey, right?! YES, Christmas day is the perfect excuse to spend all day eating and chatting but don’t skimp on the other traditions! After the ceremonious opening of the presents, the Christmas cracker joke readings and of course, the FEAST, try and squeeze in a couple of board games, charades or maybe a little after dinner quiz. I know, I know, YAWN, but not when your mum has been drinking bucks fizz since 10am!

When it comes to eating, assess the dinner table situation carefully in order to avoid sitting  yourself next to loud uncle Larry, maybe it’s time he laid off the wine, 2pm, 2 bottles deep and you haven’t even eaten yet! You definitely don’t need him slurring into your ear whilst you’re trying to dodge the Christmas pudding!

Finally our favourite festive tradition, disco-napping on the sofa to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, we need the energy for the Boxing Day journey! 

Merry Christmas