Do you find yourself singing all the words to your favourite artist's songs, get majorly excited when they tweet ANYTHING and actually come to think of it, you know their birthday, mum's name, favourite food, brand of toothpaste they use...?

Whether it’s self-confessed or not, you’re officially a fangirl! But which army is the best? (You definitely just shouted one out in your head). I Heart Radio have taken it to twitter for their annual awards to find the most dedicated fandom. Oh, it’s on like Donkey Kong…

Battle of Dedication: Creative vs. Breathtaking

Among the most well known of armies, Justin Bieber and the One Direction boys (RIP) have some SERIOUSLY dedicated fans, willing to go to pretty extreme lengths to prove their loyalty.

First we have the Directioners, who make up for their not so creative name with their creative ways to get the guys' attention, from getting a detailed portrait of Harry Styles tattooed onto their arm, to organising a 200 person project to recreate the band’s logo on a sports field.

Then there are the Beliebers (props on the name guys) upping the crazy *ahem* I mean dedication, if that's even possible! Starting off as a breed of teens and growing since Bieber's Purpose album to probably most of the population -  don't pretend you don't love a bit of 'Love Yourself'. So who wouldn't be excited if Justin Bieber visited their city!? Enough to go outside and bottle some air, just in case it was Bieber's breath... yes, someone actually did this, there are no words.

Battle of Heroes : Inspiration vs. BFF

Don't think that fans stay THIS dedicated and don't get any recognition. The Swifties are a great example as you have a legit chance of being Tay Tay's new BFF! She's given emotional advice on twitter, made a heartbroken girl a 'moving on' playlist and in 2015 even handmade hundreds of Valentine's cards for her fandom, now that is worth fangirling over!

The advocate of 'giving your heart a break', it's no secret that Demi Lovato has been through some pretty tough times and the Lovatics have been with her all the way. So in true Demi fashion, she's given back to her fans, trying to be the role model she never had, including the documentary 'Demi Lovato: Stay Strong' for other young people struggling with body image and drug use. And there there are her ever inspirational quotes...

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about speaking about your issues and inspiring others to get help

Battle for the Inner Circle : War Dance vs. Secret Language

Okay, so ‘War Dance’ may have been a slight exaggeration but you’ve definitely met one of Miley’s  Smilers on the dance floor, they’ve been twerking in unison since 2013 and they’re not messing about, it’s a serious talent! We are NOT talking about those people who try and fail to bust out the dance move as a last drunken resort... those people should be removed from the dance floor.

Barbz on the other hand (also referred to as Barbies and Ken barbz) have kept their circle on the DL with a secret language only for the army's elite. Quote from Minaj herself: "I used to think it was just a Queens language or a New York language or an East Coast language, but now it’s a Barb Nation language. You can be a Barb wherever you live."

(Apparently CF = casual friend , those who have only known her since her Starship days. You know who you are and you’ll never be in the inner circle… that’s all I can tell you!)

The Actual War

So neither of these fan armies are even up for the award, they’re so BEYOND star status, but it doesn’t mean they’re not up for a battle! Beyoncé's Beys and Rihanna’s Navy are known for their social media feuds and started 2016 with Rihanna ALLEGEDLY liking and then unliking a photo on twitter that was ALLEGEDLY shady towards B eyoncé . And fans went crazy! I won't repeat tweets but this just goes to show, the stars' fandoms have totally got their back - they're not called armies for nothing!