Fashion Week Make-Up Looks You Need To Try

by Eve MacDonald

From poppin' highlighters to enviable lip colours, Fashion Week has seen it all. And it's no different backstage where the world's best makeup artists and hairstylists set the beauty trends for next season.

We've rounded up some of our fave looks from the week to give you some beauty inspo:

Glitter Brows

Credit: Instagram

Glitter is here to stay. Go bold with a glitter brow for festival season. 

Chiseled Cheeks

Credit: Instagram

If you're a contour fan, this one's for you.

Natural Brows

Credit: Instagram

Go all Cara D and brush out your brows with clear mascara for that au naturel look. 

Pink Smokes

Credit: Instagram

Channel your inner Barbie with this perfect pink smoky eye.

Smudged Lip

Credit: Instagram

This season, it's all about going outside the lines with your lipstick. 

Golden Girl

Credit: Instagram

Go for futuristic vibes with a metallic lip. 

Faux Freckles

Credit: Instagram

These are gonna be huge this season for that instant sun-kissed look. 

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