First Day Back Feels

It's that time guys. The moment we've all been crying over in the shower for the past few days... Back to reality. Wah.

1. Setting the alarm

Literally DIE. 

Hands down one of the worst parts of this whole 'returning to normal life' pa-lava. Normal people setting theirs:

6.50am. 7.00am.

Aaaaaaaaaand then there's me:

6.20 am. 6.30 am. 6.35 am. 6.40 am. 6.45 am. 6.50 am. 6.55 am. 6.57 am.

Yep, you get the idea... I'm a complete and utter slug.

2. Applying the face

Okay, so we've actually made it to the bathroom. Ah-woohoo. A small victory. Now to apply the slap so that I don't look like a baked potato.

But there's one problem. My eyes are the size of pinheads and there's a crew of about 4 spots that are having a lovely time all together on my chin. 

3. The journey

Time to battle your way through all of the perky newbies. I have ZERO time for you and your mountain backpacks. Move, or be moved.

4. Walking into your first class

Okay, so this is disgusting and loud. 

Wait, who's that new boy? Ahhhhhh, no. My bad. It's just Luke. He's gone and got a short back and sides fade after his edgiest summer yet. 


Are we really gonna do this? You're giving me an essay on my first day back, and making me read 4 chapters?

Wow. WOW.

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