The Fix's Fantasy Football Team

In the spirit of all things #DeadlineDay, the Fix team decided to come up with our own all-star five-a-side fantasy football team. You can thank us later...

Goalie: Alexander Skarsgård 

True Blood actor and all-round hottie would be perfect in goal. At 6'4", he could cover great ground, no ball would get past him and with that bod, he'd have nothing to worry about when it came to swapping shirts post-match. 

Left Back: G-Eazy

He claims he’s not got a day off until 2018, which means a lot of  bouncing around on stage for the next couple of years. We reckon he’d easily hack 90 mins on a pitch. And, y'know he's fit. Who wouldn't wanna see him running around in the rain? Soz, not soz.

Centre Back: Leonardo Dicaprio 

With his cheeky grin and butter-wouldn't-melt eyes, he'd easily wangle his way out of a potential red card and win the heart of the ref. And should the pitch get waterlogged, he could be on hand to help everyone swim to safety. Obvs.

Centre Mid: Idris Elba

Actor, musician, DJ...his talents are endless. And he's no stranger to winning an award or two so would have no problem at all lifting the Premier League trophy when he's won the title. 

Striker: Jared Leto

Multi-skilled Leto could throw off the opposition with his musical and acting talents. And we all love a bit of a joker, right? 

GIF source: Giphy