FW Style: Top Tips

Fashion month is over... it was a lot to take in! So we've pulled together a roundup of key tips to update your 2016 look. You're welcome!

Hot Hues From New York 

1. Celine Catwalk AW16 2. Prabal Gurung Catwalk AW16

White Is The New Black

Think AW is about dark colours? Think again. This year we're all about white on white, from denim to knits and a whole lotta outerwear, take on the trend NOW and layer up in the frosty hue!

50 Shades Of... Whatever You Like!

Monochrome is having a moment. We're not talking the classic b&w, switch it up in whatever colour you fancy, just stick to the same one from head to heel for ultimate style points! Biscuit tones are totally in right now and we're loving the blue hues in the Celine collection.

Try the matchy-matchy trend...

Statement Staples From London

1. LFW Street Style 2. Emily Star Print Boyfriend Jeans

It's getting personal

Denim's getting a revamp for 2016. Alongside the classic raw edge, customisation is making a comeback with 90s style patches and ripped effects. Whether it's a denim jacket or pair of mom jeans, jazz it up!

Beauty Tips From Paris

1. @chanelofficial "no hairstyle" hairstyle 2. @KendallJenner

The "no hairstyle" hairstyle is IN, "no makeup" makeup is OUT 

Make up looks  are getting a bit more experimental with colours and bold lines but in Paris it was time for hair to take a break. The models kept it completely 'au naturale' on the Chanel catwalk and let the clothes do the talking...

Hair Swaps Are The New Face Swaps

The model version of that Snapchat trend (a bit too much effort for us), Gigi went brunette and Kendall went blonde for the Balmain catwalk... it was totally confusing! Especially if you put Gigi and her sister Bella next to each other, they're now practically the same person.

Finishing Touches From Milan

1. @thelocals 2. @wheresmydriver

Mini is the new maxi

When it comes to your handbag, ditch the clutter and downsize to cute clutches and miniature bags. Who needs a full set of makeup on them anyway... 

Shiny and new

Up your street style status as footwear is getting flashy with metallic finishes. Team your new statement pair with socks... so wrong it's actually right, honestly!

Complete the look...