GFW Day 1

After months of planning, we finally hit London today for Graduate Fashion Week. Celebrating its 25th year, GFW is the UK’s most exciting platform for emerging talent and we are buzzing to be one of the show's official sponsors. 

It’s got a hella place in my heart, I showed my own robot themed graduate collection here TEN years ago this June (please don’t use this information against me and calculate my age). I’ll be here all week to give you an inside look and I promise to bring you the highs, lows and even the outtakes of the event.

Here’s how my day played out...

5.30am Alarm Bells
I may be a London girl at heart but boohoo HQ is based in Manchester so it was an early morning powered by a serious amount of coffee and good vibes. Obviously terrified I was going to miss my alarm, unable to come out of Tom Hardy sponsored slumber, I spent most of the night wide awake considering everything that could go wrong the following day. 

10 am Quick Change
SO the expectation Vs reality of life in fashion is widely discussed, but really, if you think it’s all almond milk lattes and an endless stream of free sh*t, think again. Before heading to the Brick Lane venue, me and four work BFFs crammed into the one room that was ready for check in to do a quick change and refresh. Embarrassingly the size of my bag caused one of the girls to ask if I was moving back to London. I just like to be prepared people.

Sophie talks through her top tips in her live Q&A
Sophie talks through her top tips in her live Q&A

11:30 am Showtime
YAS, we made it! The sunshine brought the crowds and Brick Lane was heaving, I also only tripped over once on the way which has to be a personal record. Having checked out our stand, we had a quick meeting to go over the day plan and met today’s special guest, blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson and street style photographer Victoria Adamson

1. Can Sophie get any more babein'?

2pm Working Brunch
Having scouted the venue, desperate to find a quiet spot to go live with mermaid babe Sophie, we finally spotted the perfect place, an outdoor terrace overlooking GFW complete with deck chairs, palm trees and BRUNCH! Over a Bloody Mary and eggs Sophie showed us how she edits her Insta pics, stay tuned for the how-to video coming soon. 

4pm Up The Street
Hitting the streets with Victoria for a sassy dose of street style, I finally managed an adult (non selfie) photo of me that didn’t make me cringe. Thanks Vick! A few interviews and some fire shots down we chatted the scary world of adulting and top tips for the fresh grads. Our guest photographer who shoots for Grazia and ELLE gave some sound advice “Intern, network, work hard and stay positive.”

2. Rocking boohoo. Photo: Victoria Adamson

5:30pm Blogging Masterclass
The best thing about this job and what makes the early mornings and late nights so worth it, is meeting so many people who give me so many goals. With her flawless unicorn make up and rainbow hair, fellow mermaid Sophie Hannah Richardson is right up there on my woman crush scale. I’m not the only one, we had a super cute crowd for SHR’s workshop ‘How to Become a Full Time Blogger’. Props to this girl, she werks hard for the following. 

9:00pm Still Here
The jams are fresh and drinks free so it’s no surprise I’m still sat here and talking to you. Ok, so some of it is a glam as you think. Fan girling hard all over again, I just had the pleasure of meeting Vlogger and mega babe Amanda Hendrick. It’s been a good day - bring on tomorrow!

1. Amanda Hendrick and I (YASSS!) 2. Sophie getting snappy happy at GFW