GFW Day 3

Not going to lie, we’re just a little bit tired now, today has been massive and my feet are getting that way too – three twelve hour days in heels, HARDCORE. Sleep deprivation aside, it’s been uh-mazing, I actually don’t want to go home!

Here’s what went on...

7am Early Bird
I was in my favourite coffee spot Nude Espresso by 7am, a full three hours before the show starts, to prep for the day. Why? Because I was on the official GFW schedule to present ‘From Designer to Business Leader’ a conversation with joint CEO of boohoo and total girl boss, Carol Kane. So, it was cue cards over eggs for me. Slightly nervous but we won’t focus on that. 

After a slow start, the crowds started flocking to the stand with 100s of fashion newbies keen to sign up for an internship at boohoo. Having flicked through some banging portfolios and chatted personal branding and styling with some enviably well-dressed girls, I was all about the coffee run – that’s 12 skinny cappuccinos please.

2pm Testing, Testing
So it was my time to shine, or not…. All I could do was hope the prep had paid off and the mic that had been strapped to my body harness didn’t fail. It turns out I had no reason to worry, nobody was listening to me, Carol was so inspiring, I could have sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and I doubt it would have been noticed. Carol’s top tip for Graduates? Be cheeky and take risks. Yep, we’ll go with that.

5pm Draw me Like One of Your French Girls Jack 

Yeah this was kind of a highlight; we were joined by illustrator Jack Doheny who uses an iPad (I don’t even know how) to create fashion portraits that are totally on fleek. His signature is a power pose accompanied by a sweeping lash and a whole lotta sass. He drew me during a live interview, yep he multitasks too, head over to the boohoo Facebook page to watch now. 

8pm Show Time
Time for some fun, we braved the downpours and headed over the road for Man Met’s private show to catch up with friend of boohoo, stylist Liz Cardwell and check out the talent from our home town. Dry ice and white wine are a dangerous mix so I think we’ll just leave it there….