Gift Tips From boohoo

Single or in a relationship this Valentine's Day, here at boohoo we don't need a boy or a dedicated day to treat ourselves. Justin Bieber is right, you SHOULD go and love yourself... Whether you're  being wined and dined or out with your girl squad it really is time to forget the flowers and chocolate. 


OK, so it’s no secret I’m single. In fact to steal quote Bridget Jones, I’m an actual love pariah. As I have nobody to receive a gift from, I’m hoping Saint Valentine will take pity on my sassy single ass and bring be someone to (Netflix and) Chill with. There’s only one dude for me RN and that’s Tattoo Fixer’s Sketch. From his sexy South London accent to his mad inking skills, the man is delicious. I am actually considering apply for a cover up so I can drool over him IRL. 

I’ll be getting myself the boohoo heart placement tee that I’d wear tucked into skinny high waist jeans and team with a beanie, chunky boots and loads of jewellery for a laid back date with my Sketchy. Yeah OK, he has a wife and a family and I’m no homewrecker, but a girl can dream right? 


Underwear - It’s taken me a while but I’m finally getting on the barely-there bra hype. Whether it’s going to be seen or not, a set of gorgeous matching underwear is always going to make you feel fab!

A Trip To New York - It’s top of mine and my boyfriend’s travel bucket list and we’ve basically planned the whole thing in our heads already (walks in central park, checking out all of the quirky hideouts in Brooklyn) but it just hasn’t quite happened yet. I don’t think I could possibly be more excited than if I got this for Valentine’s day! *hint hint if you’re reading this*


As soon as the New Year strikes, I mentally start prepping for spring/summer and with it, the idea of endless days of lounging by the pool and soaking up the sun. So a new two piece would be top of my boohoo list. I love the Marbella bikini for its  mesh detailing and sports luxe vibe. I’m not a big jewellery fan, it matters to me more who it comes from – but you can never go wrong with Tiffany can you? A classic pendant that you can wear with anything would be top of my list if money were no object


With only a month countdown to my first holiday of 2016, what else would I be doing other than planning my get away wardrobe. This slip dress please! I'm so far from being a hopeless romantic I'm more 'hopeless at being romantic',  that said, it's my actual dream to ride in a hot air balloon (hint) and no one can say that the view wouldn't be romantic!...preferably this location please, but I ain't fussy.


A night out calls for a new pair of killer heels; they are  perfect feel-good purchase for Valentine's whether you have a hot date or partying with your crew. With a great pair of heels to hand, a girl is ready to conquer the world!

Everyone knows that the best gifts are the ones you give to yourself. So this year as a special present to me from me, the dream would be a puppy (preferably a Pug or French Bulldog). After all, your relationship with yourself is definitely worthy of celebrating – and what better way to celebrate than with a puppy?!  Not to mention that they are WAY cuter and totally less demanding than a BF



Another year, another boyfriend-free Valentine’s. But hey, it saves me some $$$ so instead of splashing the cash on my other half, I’ll be treating myself to something new to wear. This dress is a bit girlier than I’d usually go for so I’ll team it with chunky ankle boots and throw on a borrowed-from-the-non-existent-boyfriend shirt and oversized jacket. I was going to spend my day at a TED talk, but instead I’m going out with my other single friends for a S.P.A.T reunion (single pringles alone together). I’ve always been obsessed with (Disney babe) Esmerelda’s style and her pet goat. So for Valentine’s I’d love a little kid called Billy (and a garden to keep him in).