Girl Squad Guide To Valentine's

February 14th is coming around fast and whilst a lot of singletons out there are running round looking for a date (harassing people on Tinder), you and the crew are planning on having the best year yet! Mates > dates any day! 

Plans at the ready...

1. Hostess With The Most-ess

Avoid the couple-filled restaurants  and invite all of the girls round for a massive dinner party! Food is always a good idea.


 - Pick a theme

Decide on your fave food (Mexican, just saying) or if you can't decide, go for fusion, Italian-Indian-Thai can totally be a thing! It'll make you feel like you've really got your sh*t together and this way you can get the girls to all bring a dish, the at-home equivalent of splitting the bill (no date = no bill debate - winning!).

 - Pop open the bubbly! 

Or wine/ cider/ any beverage of choice. You're young, free and independent, what's not to celebrate!? Plus you're with all of the people that will stop you sending that drunk text to your ex later on - crisis averted.


 - Get stressed out

Tips include: 

a) Practising breathing techniques when someone in the group chat tries to trample over your plans (no Alex, we're not changing the date/ time/ venue the DAY BEFORE)

b) Not starting to cook a four hour dish an hour before everyone arrives... actually, just avoid the 4 hour dish all together, ain't no-one got time for that! 

c) If there’s someone in your group who LOVES being the hostess (we all have one) it is totally acceptable to ask them to host, they’ll probably love you even more!

2. Netflix and Chill

When you're with your besties this is completely literal I promise! Ignore the outside world and cuddle up on the couch for a movie marathon and quality time with the girls.


 - Bring snacks

I already mentioned food was important, right? Stock up on the chocolates (they're on offer for this very reason, honestly) and get creative with the movie spread. No. 1 snack combo is Chilli Heatwave Doritos and Minstrels (and I do mean together in one mouthful)... don't knock it til you've tried it! You might be 5 pounds heavier by the end of the night, but you'll also be 10 times happier and that's what counts.

 - Combine everyone's films

I'm talking Netflix log-in, Amazon Prime and everyone's DVD selection. This way you've got the pick of them all, because who knows what you'll feel like on the night? Craving a rom-com? (it must be the holiday's effect), hello Along Came Polly! Alternatively, forget the valentin'es theme altogether and have a scary movie marathon, there are enough of you for protection, it'll be okay!


 - Spend about an hour deciding on a film

To then pick one you've already seen 100 times and end up not really watching. I mean the warning is fairly pointless, it's bound to happen but try and save this until later in the night when you can afford to miss the film for a much needed gossip followed by snuggling and sleeping.

3. Date With The Dance Floor

Staying in not really your thing, why should tonight be anything different? Put your heels on and show the world (and yourselves) how totally fabulous you all are!


 - Turn Up The Tunes

We're talking empowering hits by our main b*tches Beyonce, Tay Swift and the rest! 

Tip: Beware of emotional ballads or songs that may cause any kind of breakdown prior to departure.

 - Spend An Hour Getting Ready

At least! No-one's waiting for you, if you're doing it right you're already with your girls to help each other prep so take your time. Spend a bit longer on your pampering routine or try out that new eye shadow trick, the club will still be there when you're ready to make your entrance.


 - Make any life altering decisions

Including but not limited to: getting a tattoo you'll defo regret in a couple of weeks; texting that guy you know you don't need in your life; or "forgetting" to have dinner (okay, so the last one may not be life altering but it's definitely night altering). Valentine's Day or not - no excuses for ruining the night, it's all about the girls and you've got each other's back!

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