Happy Birthday Kylie!

As our favourite Aussie turns 48 today (Strewth!?) we're taking a look back at Kylie's career, best bits and reasons why we love her so much. 

From her stint in Neighbours to the start of her music career, Kylie became known as a household name and quickly gained the crown as Princess of pop. 

In the historic Neighbours episode when Charlene married Scott, over 20 million viewers tuned in. It is still one of the most watched episodes of an Australian TV show ever around the world. You go, girl! It broke our hearts when the pair split IRL. Not that we were sobbing into our pillow humming 'Especially for you'. Honestly...

We can't talk about Miss Minogue without mentioning her iconic wardrobe choices. The hotpants, the hooded jumpsuit, the feathers... the list goes on. Never fails to pull a showstopper out the bag.  

Kylie's outfits are that amazing, they got their own exhibition that travelled from Melbourne to London's V&A. With over 200 costumes and accessories being showcased exploring outfits from her early career (oh hey, Charlene's dungarees!) to her phenomenal tour costumes. 

Hand in hand with the iconic fashion statements comes the music videos. Don't pretend you don't feel  the urge to bust out the dance moves when you hear 'Can't get you out of my head' All together now, "La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la..."

On that note, we have been blessed with the news this week that Robbie and Kylie are set to team up together again, after the success of 'Kids' back in 2000. Don't know about you, but we can't wait to see what the duo have in store! 

Over the years Kylie has proven that she's more than just an actress/singer. She's a business woman - juggling her own fashion line, homeware range, written children's books and produced films.  Happy Birthday, Kylie. You're fabulous and we love you! 

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