How To Be A FROW Diva

Catwalk season throws together the best street style stars, media know-it-alls and a handful of celebs for one big monumental month of fashion. The hottest models and bloggers we hardcore crush on are everywhere and the whole show runs solely on caffeine and glamour... we LOVE it. 

But, what about us fashion lovers who don’t have a mega budget and aren’t part of a celeb squad? Even the wiliest crasher can’t ‘wing’ entry into the big Fashion Week events; time to  'fake it til you make it?' 

Follow these steps and you’ll be living like a real FW diva in no time (without the stress of actually having to attend).

Layering is EVERYTHING! there’s the theory that fashion isn’t so much about the design, but the amount of clothing you can show at once. So next time someone asks the reason behind a top, cardigan, knit, sweater and coat, simply answer 'Balmain'.  

Stick a pair of stilettos in your bag and change into them before every work meeting or lecture; make it known that you are about the work the corridor.  

Book yourself a week's worth of beauty appointments and prepare to  FLAUNT it. You want to be selfie ready Monday-Friday whether you're on the FROW or smashing a box set.   

Refuse to travel in anything other than a black car, tinted windows preferred. You may not be getting chauffeured in a hurry to Soho, but your lunchtime trip to McDonald's in a black cab is just as important.

Upload an #OOTD everyday, even if it means having to harass your friend until she's snapped the perfect 'catch-me-off-guard' shot.

Try out a wildly bizarre diet... we're not talking dust and cotton wool as such... but something weird and wonderful - get creative with your favourites

 Refer to your friends with supermodel names; memorise as many labels as you can and make sure you're overheard.

Watch a live stream... who said the FROW was better than your bedroom? Hello, bed  is way better than bench - best seat in the house!