12 Steps To Make This Vacay Stress-Free

After once boarding a 15 hour flight to 30 degree Singapore in a lilac knit and tights, I like to think I've learnt a few things from vacationing. 

1. Prep It

Don't leave things to the last minute. Need injections? Book them in. Gotta get your visa sorted? Do it. Your swimsuit collection need refreshing? Hit the shops. Get that travel insurance taken out, the sun cream stocked up, your airline tickets printed out and any excess luggage bought - no-one likes being stung by airport charges when you get there. 

The same goes for when you get there - maybe there's a 5* star rooftop restaurant that everyone's been banging on about in NYC that has a 3 month waiting list. Get it booked in. 

2. Ask Yourself: 'Do I Need This?'

A friend once turned up at mine with a make-up bag with 20+ products. We were going on a hot beach holiday. If you're this person, ask yourself if you actually need it. Give your skin the break it needs and keep it to sun cream, a good moisturiser and your must-have make-up. 

3. Timing's Everything 

There's a reason airlines ask you to be there X amount of time before you fly. From check in queues to security checks and picking out a best seller read at the book shop and having a cheeky cocktail pre-boarding, leave enough time for things to go wrong.

4. Have All The Chill

My best friend and I were heading to Prague a few years ago for a friend's wedding. We'd booked the afternoon off work to avoid rushing yet where was my BFF when we were eating into our 2 hour checking in time? Trying on last minute outfit options in town. Be realistic and take a breather. Things can and will go wrong. Taxis can be late, trains can be cancelled and you may remember you've forgotten to pack something - count to 10 and do what you gotta do with a rational head.  

5. DO Bottle It 

Whilst you can't carry liquids over a certain amount, if you like to get your dose of H2O, bring an empty bottle along so you can re-fill after you've gotten through security. 

6. Do Your Research 

Whether it's a transatlantic flight or a quick few hours to Ibiza, get to grips with what's at the airport. We found out on one vacay that all the restaurants were located before you go through security, AFTER we'd gone through security. Safe to say we were hangry. From food to what shops they've got there - if you're met with a hefty wait - make sure you're prepped. Singapore airport has a butterfly garden, the world's largest airport slide and napping rooms but your average airport won't. 

Think ahead for transfers, what parts of the island you want to hit up, the bars you wanna grab a long island ice tea or three at, and the beaches you want to waste hours lying on. 

7. Mates Rates

Travelling with pals or your S.O.? Sharing's caring so make sure you pack some of your essentials and OOTDs in their cases too should your case go missing. 

8. Dress Ready

Heading somewhere hot? Ditch the polo neck and opt for light layers you can easily take on and off. Think sports luxe and dig out some smart/casj joggers for when you've got to find that perfect sleeping position 40,000ft high. Wear comfy shoes that you can easily slip on and off at security checks and if it's a long-haul job, bring a change of clothes in your carry on so you can have a quick refresh after flying through 3 time-zones. 

9. It's In The Details 

The right accessories can make or break a flight for me - mainly long-haul but can come in handy for those shorter trips too. Any flights over night, bring your toothbrush and toothpaste along with some moisturiser that your skin will be crying out for with all that air con. An eye mask is great if you're wanting to get some shut eye or if you've forgotten to pick one of those up, your sunnies can do the same job. 

If your short-haulin' but wanna get comfy, bring an oversized blanket scarf and a neck pillow so you can catch some quick zzs. And for those who can't be without their devices, bring a portable charger so you can keep your playlists playing. 

10. Cut Back On Social

We're not saying wave goodbye to your Snapchat stories or ignore your Insta feed, but use your vacay as a time to cut back from starting at a screen. Make memories instead.  

11. Don't Overplan

Whilst you wanna squeeze in as much as possible, go with the flow and be ready to make last minute plans too. 

12. And Remember, You're On Vacation 

Say yes to things, try new experiences, push yourself out of your comfort zone, chill out and savour every second. Once that plane lands, you are officially in vacay mode. So count to 10 and do a little dance because all your troubles are literally far away.