How to spring clean your workspace

Whether you’re a student or working professional your workspace is more important than you think, especially when exams and deadlines are fast approaching. There’s nothing more unproductive than working in a cluttered environment, so with the long weekend over (sob) what better time to refresh you workspace and smash your to-do list?!

We’ve gathered our top tips to help…

Clear desk = clear mind 

First things first, get rid of rubbish or anything you no longer need. Struggling to decide what to keep? Grab yourself some folders and keep anything you're unsure about separate until your exams or deadlines are over. Top tip: the general rule is, if you haven’t used it in 3 months then you probably don’t need it. 

Be Sassy with your stationary

Notebooks and stationary are our guilty pleasures and what better way to make working that bit more exciting than a brand new set!? 

Organise your drawers and clean them out as you go. Think strategically; put items you use together in the same drawer. Don’t mix snacks with filing, keep things separate and ordered. We’d recommend having one drawer for stationary, one for filing and one for personal items…which in our case are usually snacks.

2. Be fierce with your stationary

3. Ditch the dirt

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. Empty sweet wrappers and dirty mugs can easily stack up, particularly in times of stress. At the start of each day ensure your desk is clean and tidy. It’s not only good for your general mindset but your to-do list with reap the benefits too!

4. Decorations

If you’re anything like us you’ll love a good plant. They don’t just look great they make us feel great too. Whack one on the corner of your desk, and for extra sass points buy a pot for it too – we love to co-ordinate ours with our new white desks, perfectly “Instagrammable”.

Additionally we love an inspirational quote, get one printed and pop it on your desk so you can always turn to an inspirational message in times of stress.