Iconic Fashion Week Moments

by Emma McCormack

Like most people, I revel as Fashion Week comes around. Paris. Copenhagen. London. New York. None of which ever disappoint. So now’s the time to reflect on pinnacle Fashion Week moments and how they changed the game…

Naomi Campbell, Vivienne Westwood

Naomi Campbell’s fall during the Vivienne Westwood show in 1993 shocked the nation and proved even models are human. It was this moment that marked Campbell becoming a household name, who proved there’s a thin line between fashion and function. Today the nine-inch platforms can be admired at the V&A in London. 

Kate Moss, Louis Vuitton

Kate Moss lighting up at the close of the 2011 AW Louis Vuitton show. Despite the smoking ban coming in and the show being on No Smoking Day, Moss stirred up controversy with this finale.

Vivienne Westwood, SS16

Vivienne Westwood’s protest show for SS16. No stranger to the tabloids and the bright lights, Westwood made a real statement with her SS16 show. Although, driving a tank to 10 Downing Street 9 days prior made the theme of this show more predictable. For Westwood, it’s protest first and second comes the couture.

Karl Lagerfield, Chanel

Never one to play it safe, Karl Lagerfeld has dominated many of the best fashion moments. From Supermarket Chanel to the more recent The Green House (Couture Spring 2016). The real stand out was the Casino scene of AW15 in Paris. This took couture opulence and amplified its hand. With the likes of Julianne Moore on hand at the table, the scene was certainly one of grandeur. 

Rick Owens, 2016

Rick Owens went risqué (even more so than usual) with his Paris Fashion Week show. We thought the exposed genitalia of 2015 was a statement, but SS16 did one better. Models took to the runway in a certain numerical position. But this was open to interpretation, obvs. Was Rick commenting on the irony of buying clothes and shoes that are not practical? Or is it a deeper statement about sexuality? Either way, he got everyone talking.