If Love Actually Was Set In 2017

It’s really happening guys. Love Actually (the best Christmas film ever) is returning to our screens for a short and sweet sequel in March. In celebration of its return to aid Red Nose Day, I’ve made a list of what would happen if this classic was set in 2017. 

1. Mark’s messages would’ve been sent on Snapchat

Perhaps the most famous scene in the film, Mark’s declarations of love to his bezzie’s wife wouldn’t be on old fashioned pen and paper. Oh no, they’d been sent over Snapchat with enough time to read them, but not enough time to screen shot. Damn. 

2. Hugh Grant would’ve pied Donald Trump at a press conference

And he would’ve done it magnificently. As if his charm and looks aren’t enough, Hugh Grant would’ve given the talking toupee a serious showdown on behalf of the British nation. Can you even imagine the aftermath of memes that would grace the internet?!

3. Colin would be starting a new life in Dubai

Dubai is the trendy place to go for young British singletons to start a new career and life, so why not? Just don’t forget your snorkel Colin. 

4. Harry would’ve been on Tinder

Instead of hitting on the office tottie, Harry would’ve been swiping right with the best of them. Grr, men.

5. Emma would’ve met someone lovely on POF

I mean, I’d definitely divorce someone if they gave me a Joni Mitchell CD for Christmas (just kidding, I bloody love Joni Mitchell). In all seriousness, Emma would realise she’s the ultimate cougar, dump Alan’s ass and find true love on a dating website. You go Glen Coco!

6. Sarah would’ve put her iPhone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ 

Or I would’ve done it for her (you’re welcome babe). Instead of ignoring Karl to answer her brother’s phone calls, she could’ve enjoyed their time together in peace (until she turned the setting back off obviously). 

7. Hugh Grant would be ‘jujuing on that beat’

Remember the famous stairway dance scene with Mr Grant? Well instead of ‘jumping for love’ he’d be ‘jujuing on that beat’. Or something like that. 

8. Sam would impress Joanna with his serious DJ skills

A drum kit? Nah. Sam would be up on stage techno-ing out Christmas songs with his Macbook and uber cool DJ set (you know what I mean). 

9. Billy Mack would tweet insults to his manager

What’s an even crueller way of insulting someone to their face? Doing it over twitter of course, where other people can join in too. This is why you can’t have nice things Billy. 

10. Rowan Atkinson would still have his exact same cameo in the film

Because what’s better than Mr Bean gift wrapping a present for you? Nothing, I tell you!

GIF source: Giphy