In The City: Melbourne

It's official. Fitzroy is THE bee's knees. Whilst in the city, we spent nearly everyday walking down Smith and Brunswick in awe of all of the amazing shops, espresso bars, restaurants and bars. It's safe to say we fell in love. Firstly with The Lair - an account I have been srysly lusting over on Instagram for a looong time. I owe it to the totally bad a$$ and friendly girls in their who actually provided us with the rest of these top hot spots...

Best Food  In honour of my obsession for  Avocado Toast after visiting Melbourne, (which I basically ate for every meal) I have decided to bring out another blog -, so stay tuned. Truth be told I'm a big-on-breakfast kinda gal, so don't use this list as your end all be all, well unless what you're looking for good is a great brekkie.  

Alimentari – I'd go as far as to say THE best breafast I have ever eaten. Yep, that good. Portion size = spot on, whilst not too sweet, and super tasty. If you're stuck on choice then the lemon sauce (instead of syrup) was to die for and the cocoa nibs with vanilla white pears really added the perfect finishing touch.

Archies – The avocado toast is to die for. I mean, if the girls at The Lair suggest it, you really have got to go.

Slowpoke – The perfect place to grab a bite to eat and a coffee whilst flicking through a mag or two!
Gelato Messina – just go.  

Best Drinks - Truly the options are endless and nothing will disappoint, but if you're looking for a big night out, make sure you leave time to spend the weekend in Melbourne, it's not very crowded during the week at bars.   

Naked For Satan – Just plain cool. We went on a super slow night but the view of the city from the rooftop bar was top dog whilst the vibe was great... definitely one to check out over the weekend. 

The Everleigh – Apparently going out on a Tuesday is just silly in Melbourne. So after a few drinks and hefty slice of pizza, we were advised to go to The Everleigh. Turns out the pizza guy was spot on, filled with a crowded fun atmosphere and sh*t load of affordable beer - we knew we were onto a corker.

Heartbreaker – Premixed drinks in really cool bottles? Say no more. The neon sign was OBVIOUSLY a great Instagrammable set up. Plus, the pool table, nice bar, and good seating were added bonuses. The PBR prices? Just plain hilarious. You'll have to go for yourself to understand why, if you're American you'll get it.

The Grace Darling Hotel – Perfect music, great atmosphere, nice bartenders (well everyone in Aus was nice), but just a generally great bar. Outdoor seating too!

Section 8 – Outdoors but with heaters, in an old shipping container with pallets stacked up as seating. Super cool and great vibes! DJs are definitely a bonus, especially because they're as good as the one's we spotted.

Ferdydurke – Next door to Section 8 and an equally great little spot to check out.


Best Shopping - Brunswick, Gertrude, and Smith street will keep you entertained with shops for a few days. Just wander around and you won't end up disappointed anywhere you turn. According to recommendations you should just explore because you never know what amazing boutique is hiding in an upstairs loft. Just go get lost! 

The Lair  – You MUST go. The belts, the shorts, the girls who work there... If you've already spotted their page on IG, then a visit to the Melbourne store is a must do! 

Gorman –  HELLO amazing prints. This reminded me of West Coast Craft Fair / San Francisco inspired fashion.

Sass & Bide – Australia's biggest fashion superstars, 100% worth checking out and lusting over.

Swan Emporium – The perfect way to snag Spell Byron Bay inspired prints at an affordable price!

Nique – Super cool and sleek designs, not to mention THE best tees ever.

By Bryn Newman