Instead Of Tennis...

So unlike the footie where a match is usually a 90 minute job, tennis can and DOES go on forever. I'm talking about the Mahut and Isner match that lasted 11 hours. WHUT

But if you're not a fan of the on court action, what else can you do? Well lots...

Here's just a few ideas for inspo

In 20 mins (shortest match ever FYI) 

Call your friends/family. Sure we're used to a text mad generation but nothing beats hearing a friendly voice or a quick Facetime video

In an hour

Watch a film. There's a whole lot of epic films coming to the silver screen this summer so trade your telly for the cinema and a bag of popcorn 

In three hours

Run a marathon. Tennis may not be your thing but hitting the pavement for a casual 26 miles may be more up your street (no pun intended). The quickest ever marathon was run in just over 2 hours. Rather you than me

In a day

Fly to Australia. Or just about. Fancy a bit of Bondi beach, hugging a koala and some overdue sun? Providing you've got enough to cover the long-haul flight, you can fly to Oz in the time it took Mahut and Isner to finish their match. And have time for a cocktail on the beach. WIN  

In three days (the longest match ever) 

Almost watch the entire Friends box set from start to finish. You'll probably never want to hear The Remebrandts 'I'll Be There For You' ever again but your Central Park squad knowledge will be on fine form

GIF source: Giphy