Irish Guys We <3

St. Patrick's Day is this week and in honour of all things Irish, the Stylefix team has had the incredibly tough job of narrowing down our fave Irish hunks. All in the name of research hey?!

Jamie Dornan

Most recently known for his leading role as Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey, Jamie is also an ex-model (Google the shots - they're worth it) and appeared in ABC's Once Upon a Time in 2011-13. We could give you 50 reasons why we find him hot, but a photo says a thousand. I mean, just look at him... 

Michael Fassbender

Fassy has set the acting world alight over the past couple of years playing incredible parts in X-Men and 12 Years a Slave, not forgetting his Oscar nominated performance in Steve Jobs. With piercing blue eyes, chiselled face and captivating smile, Alicia Vikander is one lucky girl!

Colin Farrell

Mega blockbuster actor Colin Farrell is known equally for his devlishly handsome looks as his acting portfolio. Rumours are awry he's after newly single Jennifer Garner. Yep, not jealous one bit... 

Niall Horan

1/5th of our favourite boyband, we've got a soft spot for cheeky chappy Niall Horan from One Direction. Sure they may be on a timeout, but we can still re-live all of his music video classics, not forgetting their epic Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.  

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

So we all fell in love with Jonathan back in 2002 when he starred opposite Keira Knighley in Bend It Like Beckham. It made us *this* close to signing up to girls football in the hope our coach would be just like him. Since then he's played parts in From Paris With Love, August Rush, and Vanity Fair, alongside playing Henry VIII and Dracula himself. What a portfolio. 

Pierce Brosnan

Ahhh 007. Bond is sexy full stop and Brosnan has kept his classic good looks even now aged 62. We're not sold on his singing in Mamma Mia but he can save us any day. 

Shane Filan

Rumours are circling about a Westlife/Boyzone supergroup so to celebrate, we've picked out Westlife's lead singer Shane Filan (it was a struggle to choose our fave). Dark and handsome, we couldn't get enough of Irish boybands and their key change stand up from stool moments. Classic. 

Ross Mackay

And finally we turn to one of our every own - Interactive Creative: Ross Mackay.  By day he's a graphic guru and his blast from his past involves a career in DJ-ing. And we're not just talking any kind of DJ set - how about headlining Seoul's World DJ Festival to thousands? All that AND an Irish accent? Swoon.