It's Okay If You...

So, it's time to reflect on all of the cringe stuff that you've definitely done this week. We're here to tell you that it's 100% fine, and that we're just as guilty of aaaaaaaall o' dis...

1. Only shaved up to your ankles because that's all you're getting out today.

2. Had at least one winged-eyeliner-based tantrum this week.

3. Stalked your ex's ex, shortly followed by asking the group Whatsapp if she's fitter than you.

4. Took 62 selfies before you got your new profile picture nailed. 

5. Whacked your hair in a bun 5 days in a row this week because... more sleep.

6. Ate healthy the whole day, then came home and consumed the entire fridge. 

7. Checked your Snapchat story 10294736 times to see if your crush has viewed it yet. 

8. Cancelled your plans so you could stay in and watch Love Island. Priorities.

9. Couldn't find a parking spot at the gym, so took a detour... to your house

10. Started an argument with your other half, just cos you were bored...

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