Kylie Reactions To Everyday Life

Daily life can sometimes send you down struggle street. And who doesn't love a GIF to brighten the sky on a not so shiny day. Cue Kylie J and her reactions to see you through... 

When someone greets you with 'good' morning

Is it though?

'Your hair's so shiny, what do you use?'

Trying to not notice when your ex strolls in with his new flame

That friend that claims to be 'done with their ex' but 'stayed over' at their house last weekend 

When your friends try to bail on girls night to save on money

When your outfit's on fleek

When Monday rolls around

When that hot guy you've had your eye on strolls into the room

Family photos when you're told to smile

When your basket says 17 items but your bank account's in the red

GIF source: Giphy